The NoiseTools Software

NoiseTools software for the optimusThe NoiseTools software program is supplied, as standard, with the optimus sound level meters and has been designed to be a single, simple to use package that supports all of the optimus sound level meters.

NoiseTools is easy to navigate and allows users to download, review and report on noise measurements as well as giving a range of tools that can be used to analyse and export data. NoiseTools is supplied free from any installation or licencing restrictions and can be installed onto as many PC’s as required.


  • Connect to and download measurements from an optimus sound level meter
  • Store measurements into the NoiseTools database
  • View and analyse measurement data
  • Create measurement reports
  • Export data, graphs and information for use in other programs
  • Verify measurement data against the AuditStore
  • Create, load and save Acoustic Fingerprint detection templates
  • Re-calculate data with the Periodic Noise Calculator
  • Tag measurements against people, places and projects
  • Organise data into groups for easy access
  • View data in tabular form for comparison
  • Playback audio recordings & VoiceTags
  • Calculate FFT from audio recordings
  • Display measurements with location data on a map using Bing Maps
  • and many more..

Licence free and cost free

NoiseTools can be installed onto as many PC’s as needed without any additional cost. This can be a significant saving if you need to share measurement data across different sites or with clients.

  • Install NoiseTools onto as many PC’s as needed
  • No dongles, keys or installation codes
  • Share data between locations, clients and projects
  • No installation or licencing restrictions
  • Download free of charge from the Cirrus website

Free updates

Updates for NoiseTools can be downloaded, free of charge, from the Cirrus website or NoiseTools can automatically any available updates from within the program. This means that you can stay up to date with the latest functions and features at no cost.

  • Update NoiseTools from within the program
  • Updates available free of charge
  • One program supports all versions of the optimus
  • Also supports the doseBadge noise dosimeter

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